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Tell a story in exactly 100 words. New prompts every other week.
As of June 16, 2013, new prompts are no longer being provided. Please see this post for details. Any questions or comments are welcome at that location.

Welcome to our community dedicated to the art of precise fiction writing. Each story posted here is a drabble, meaning exactly 100 words in length (title aside), based on one of the prompts provided. New prompts are offered every other week but old prompts never expire.

How to play:

  • Pick one of the available prompts, then write a piece of fiction of exactly 100 words and preface it with the header information. The header code can be found below and with every prompt.

  • Post each drabble as a top-level entry to this community. Comment on other peoples' work, and have fun!

  • You can write as many drabbles as you want for as many prompts as you want, but each story must be written to one or more existing prompts. If you have a suggestion for a prompt, leave a comment here.

  • You can contact the moderator by private message or email.

  • Do not friends-lock your entries. Any entries that are locked will be deleted or rejected at the mod's discretion.

  • If you want to link to a drabble in your own journal, that's fine. Just be sure to include the header information before the link.

  • All submissions are moderated to ensure they adhere to the rules. If they don't, they'll be rejected with an explanation. Once the problems are fixed, you can resubmit.

Header Information:

  • Have fun writing precisely, and if you see an entry you like, leave a comment. Feedback is part of what makes a community like this work. If you're looking for constructive criticism, let the other readers know. The best way to get people to comment on your work is to comment on theirs.

  • Also, be sure to stop by and introduce yourself (in 100 words, of course) at our ongoing introduction post.

  • Looking for a word count tool? Try this one from JavaScript Kits. Unless something looks way too long, I won't verify your word count. Be honest and keep it to 100, punctuation aside: that's the point.


  • What types of stories are allowed?
    Any, as long as they're works of fiction, are exactly 100 words long and written to one of the prompts. All stories posted must comply with LJ's Terms of Service. If they're rated R or higher, please post them behind a cut. If you want to write non-fiction or personal exposition, take it to another community.

  • What rating systems should I use?
    We allow the following ratings:
    G or K (for anyone)
    PG or K+ (for nearly everyone)
    PG-13 or T (for teen)
    R or M (for mature)
    NC-17 (for explicit content)

    Remember, these are guidelines; use your best judgment.

  • Which fandoms are allowed?
    Any and all.

  • Can I write original fiction?
    Yes, although keep in mind that this is not the place for personal journal entries or discussion disguised as short stories. If you're writing in your own canon, indicate "original" in the tag and next to Canon in the post's header.

  • Can I write crossovers?
    As many canons as will fit into 100 words.

  • How about tags?
    Use the name of the applicable prompt(s) and your canon as a tag. Not the characters, just the canon. If it's not already in the list, I'll add it. Note that adding tags is your responsibility and I can't guarantee I'll add them for you if you neglect to do so.

  • Are there any special tags I shouldn't use?
    The tags ".welcome," ".mod: new prompt," and "with love from your mod" are reserved for moderator use only.

  • Can I use more than one prompt per story?
    Yes! Just note in the header and tags which ones you're using. No matter the number of prompts, though, the story length is not allowed to exceed 100 words.

  • Can I change the text formatting/display font?
    You may not alter the text formatting or size in any way.

  • Do I have to write for every prompt?
    No, only the ones you feel like writing for. Some prompts may inspire you, others may not.

  • Can I write more than one drabble per prompt?
    You can write as many as you like.

  • Can my friends join too?
    Everyone is welcome. Participation is encouraged and appreciated. Commenting is particularly appreciated.

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